With a little assembly, this kit will make your Moxxly Flow compatible with Spectra S1 Plus, S2 Plus, and 9 Plus. Note: Please see your Spectra Adapter Kit User Manual for complete guidance.

Assemble the Spectra Adapter Kit

Gather your Moxxly Flow & Spectra Adapter Kits, your Spectra pump motor, and your Backflow Protector.

  • Disconnect the Spectra tubing from the Backflow Protector. Keep the Backflow Protector together.
  • Connect the Moxxly Spectra Adapter into the open end of the Moxxly Flow tubing and then connect the tubing + Adapter to the Backflow Protector. 
  • Connect the 3" silicone tubing to the other end of the Backflow Protector.

Connect Flow to Your Spectra Pump

  • Connect the other end of the 3" silicone tubing to your pump.
  • Slide the Moxxly Flow tube connector into the neck of the Flow flange.

Now you're ready to pump!

Additional Tips

  • Double check that your Spectra Backflow Protector is snapped together before starting your pump session.
  • During your first few sessions with the Moxxly Flow and Spectra pump, pay attention to your suction levels and adjust it for comfort.
  • Some condensation in the tubing is normal. If you notice condensation, run your pump motor for a few minutes after your pump session with just the tubing still attached.