Hey new mama, do you keep hearing to wait for a let down but you're just not sure what that is?! What does it feel like?! We're here to help. 

The "let down" is simply a term for when the milk is initially pushed through your breasts.  For some women this may be felt as a tingling sensation, and other women may not be able to feel it (that's ok!)  When babies nurse they start with a rapid short sucking pattern which stimulates the let down reflex and that initial flow of milk.  Once let down is established, they will take longer slow gulps.  This is also how your breast pump is designed to stimulate milk flow!

Some pumps will have a let down button which will run approximately 2 minutes with a fast suction followed by a slow steady suction.  Other pumps may not have the let down button, but instead have a speed and suction dial.  With this type of pump you can try a fast suction for the first few minutes of pumping, and then reduce the speed for the duration of the session.

What if I'm not 'letting down' with my breast pump?

Some tips to help get the milk flowing:

Try using your let down button or your faster suction more than once, it may take a bit longer for you to get into the flow!

If you're pumping at work consider looking at a photo of your baby or thinking about your baby. Maybe even bring an item from home that smells like them!

Apply a warm compress to your breast for a few minutes before pumping or take a warm shower.

Still not flowing or feeling discouraged? Don't give up mama. If you're able, unplug and take a break.  Maybe it's too soon after your last pumping and/or nursing session.  Give it some time, have some water or tea (hydration is key!), and try again soon.

The Moxxly team is cheering you on and we are here to help if you need it!