Suction check! 

Step 1: Is your Flow Kit assembled properly? Find a photo / video of your specific pump motor setup here and/or in the Moxxly user manual. 

    Think you're missing components? Email or text (949)230-7781 with a photo of your setup. We'll confirm and get them en route over-night.

Step 2: Assembly looks good! Are all of your connections secure? 

  •     The ends of the tubing fit securely into the tubing holes.
  •     The valve tops are in place on the bottle and fit evenly and securely.
  •     The flange is aligned and securely attached to the bottle.
  •     If applicable, the backflow protectors have a tight seal. 

Step 3: Connections are a go! Insert your Flow under your bra and double check that you're centered and sealed:

  • Your nipple is centered inside the tunnel portion of the cup insert.
  • If you're wearing a bra that it's tight enough to hold the Flow in place, but there isn't too much compression.

Step 4: Let's turn on your pump motor. Still low?

  • Try turning up your pump motor suction or frequency. 
  • Take a peak to see if you have normal nipple movement and adjust as needed.

If you need additional help, please don't hesitate to reach out to