If this occurs, contact support@moxxly.com.

Why can this happen? And, how can you prevent this from happening?

(1) Check that you're using a compatible pump motor:

  • Freemie Freedom™
  • Hygeia Enjoye™
  • Medela Pump in Style Advanced™
  • Medela Symphony™

      If you're not using a compatible pump motor, this is likely the root cause. Please contact Moxxly support to confirm!

(2)  Avoid "extreme angles" (above 60 degrees), especially during very high flow.

What does 60 degrees look like? Imagine that you're pick something up off the ground from a standing position.

(2) Check to make sure that your tubing isn't pinched.

We recommend checking the tubing underneath your bra. 

(3) Ensure all connections/parts are sealed. 

Not sure if the purple valve is completely sealed over the bottle? We recommend running your finger along the top - that should do the trick!