From time to time you may see small drops of condensation in your tubing. This mainly stems from the difference in temperature between your milk and the environment during your pump session. This can also vary depending on the material of the tubing. 

Spectra mamas, condensation may be a new phenomenon for you due to the silicone material of the Spectra tubing. Unless you see milk or significant amounts of condensation in the tubing, this is usually nothing to worry about!

To ensure that you’re drying out your tubes after each session please do the following:


At the end of your session, run your pump motor with just the tubing still attached to the pump motor for approximately 2 minutes (or until the condensation is removed).


Alternatively, you may wash the tubing with soap and warm water. Shake the water out and hang to air dry.


Note: If you see or smell mold or mildew, discontinue use and submit a support ticket. Additionally, you can buy replacement parts in the Moxxly Store.