You should not feel pain, rubbing, or discomfort during a pump session. Major contributors to discomfort while pumping include  incorrect flange size or too much compression.


To troubleshot: 


(1) Check that you're wearing the proper flange size. 

  • If your flange is too small, it can result in nipple rubbing.

  • If your flange is too large, your areola can be pulled into the nipple tunnel and pinch.

  • Note: Not sure what your size is? Read our flange size guidance. [Link]


(2) Ensure that there isn't too much compression. 

  • Loosen your band and/or bra straps.

  • Change the type of bra that you're wearing.

  • Try turning down the suction.

  • Not sure? See our bra selection tips for additional information.



  • This can also be due to alignment. Check to see if your nipple is angled down.

  • Your breast flange size may fluctuate with birth, breastfeeding, and pumping. We recommend you revisit your flange fit from time to time. 


If our troubleshooting tips don't do the trick, reach out to