No spilled milk on our watch! We've identified a few culprits of milk drip. See if any of the below fix the issue:

  • Connections
    • Bottle + valve connection. Have you firmly pressed the valve onto the bottle? Double check this before getting started.
    • Breast + flange connection. Does the seal of your flange break during your session? This can release milk currently in the nipple tunnel.
  • Angle
    • Check the angle of your body. Are you primarily leaning forward or back? Try switching it up.
    • Also consider the angle of your nipple. Is the alignment impacting your spray? Try adjusting your alignment or your suction / cycle speed.
  • Massage
    • Do you massage during your session? Read our massage tips and try leaning forward while massaging.
  • Dismount
    • Leave your pump motor running + lean back to remove milk remaining in the nipple tunnel. 

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