While it can be disappointing to see a dip in your milk production, it is common for there to be variance in the volume pumped across sessions. If you expressed less milk than you expected to, or if your breasts do not feel empty after a pump session, here are some troubleshooting steps to take:


First consider...

  • Has anything changed in your day-to-day life? e.g. schedule, sleep, pump times, stress level

  • Has anything changed in your pump setup?  e.g. Pumping location, suction settings, bras

  • Could your period cycle be affecting your milk production? 


During your pump session there are a few factors to consider:

(1) Compression: Loosen or tighten bra band and/or bra straps.

(2) Alignment: After you've started your session, take a peek! 

(3) Suction: Try increasing (or decreasing!) your suction.

(4) Flange size: Too small or too big breast shields may cause pumping discomfort (nipple pain included). Incorrect flange sizing could also contribute to breasts not getting properly emptied throughout a pump session.

If you're still experiencing issues, please reach out to support@moxxly.com